ESC 2021 CHAMPIONSHIPS Set for August 7th!
[Sat 31 Jul 2021, 11:03 PM by Wotan] [7 Comments]

Join us on the ESC Discord to sign up. [url][/url]

We are anticipating 16+ players and shooting for 24 or more to really make this even special. The touney will run the weekends of August 7th and wrap on August 15th.

What are you waiting for, Commander!?

The King Returns! ESC v9.8.5
[Thu 8 Jul 2021, 6:52 PM by Wotan] [7 Comments]

Get it HERE!

After a brief 'shadow' release of ESC v9.8.0 to scour for left over bugs, the official update is now ready for download!

The 9.8.X series includes a number of significant additions to ESC including the long awaited return of the Arm Olympus and Core B.F.G, along with all new T4 Intel Facilities, the infamous Gargant (also improved), and a new mobile Intel/Ion Cannon for Core!

With addition comes subtraction also - in this latest version we removed and/or merged a number of units to consolidate key roles and functions. Air mine layers are gone for now, as are the Arm sea mine layer (Core's counter is specialized for T3), the T2 Sub pens (merged with T3), mobile shield gens (reworking), and the Arm Recon and Core Blaze scouts (may return as T3).

Finally, we've modified a number of unit menus for ease of access to select units. All lab menus now generally show units increasing in power and/or specialization as you view from top to bottom.

There is a lot more in this release so be sure to check out the latest list of updates and join us on ESC Discord!

Are you up to par Commander!? v9.7 and new features updates...
[Mon 19 Apr 2021, 9:07 PM by Wotan] [0 Comments]

Get v9.7 HERE if you have not already downloaded the latest edition of ESC already!

With the recent addition of ESC 9.7, online games have taken off whether you are into 5v5 massive battles or looking to challenge the elite in 1v1 or 2v2 game. Either way, you will be enjoying the 'best so far' of what makes ESC the definitive and most popular TA experience.

Our resident patron and superb player himself FN also continues to refine the premier TA game recording repository TADA and you can find more news on the development of the latest upcoming ESC Unit guide HERE

If you have not already also, please join us over at the fastest growing (and soon to be largest!) TA community on our exclusive Discord

ESC 9.6 is now available
[Tue 19 Jan 2021, 4:16 PM by Wotan] [1 Comment]

Get it HERE!

Per usual after a big update like v9.5 there are number of minor corrections and adjustments needed to get things just right. With that in mind, and thanks to many of you all out there, ESC is updated and better than ever. The biggest change is the reduction in buildtime required for T4 and an update to our Dark Prime map with improved player starts, more metal, and some cool new eye candy. Also included are bug fixes and tweaks which are posted in the log below.

Enjoy and be sure to join us over at the fastest growing TA community on our exclusive Discord site:


End Game... 2020
[Fri 1 Jan 2021, 8:08 PM by Wotan] [2 Comments]

Rising from the ashes of unceasing conflict, a titanic phoenix arises anew for the final act and epic conclusion that will settle once and for all the fate of the Arm and the Core!

T4 is HERE! Commander! Unleash, the final fury you command at the fore of your armies with units unheralded and only dreamt of until now. This is your hour, your triumph, your inevitable victory!

Continuing the unending saga between the Arm and the Core, TA:ESC is the ultimate TA addition! Elevating the relentless conflict to literally a whole new level and beyond backed by over a decade of competitive gameplay, discussion, creativity, and of course, a great community.

• Start with updated options menus and an expanded UI easing access to a host of new units and in game functions

• Enhanced Commander features to prepare you for the next wave of enemies to build and defend against

• An entire array of expanded and upgraded hovercraft options to out flank your opponent

• Hidden underwater sub pens with exclusive units to surprise your enemies at just the right time

• Battlefield teleportation and mass unit transports to get your armies to the front lines quickly and effectively

• Assist, reclaim, and repair options whether nano arms, land and air carriers, or agile scavengers

• Epic, screen shattering explosions - all consistent with the originals and paired with the satisfying, room splintering bass to confirm the kill.

• Powerful unit over charging, adjacency pairing bonuses, and defensive shield barriers to augment your ever growing forces.

• Map revealing LOS and intel/counter-Intel facilities, concealed cloaking tanks, and terrain splitting rail guns

• 250+ all new and original units including an arsenal of over 100 innovative T3 tanks, kbots, hovers, ships, and VTOLs along with 16 titanic T4 game changing and game ending options (with more to come soon)!

Reports of 'something big...' incoming...
[Tue 10 Nov 2020, 8:58 PM by Wotan] [2 Comments]

Multiple sectors are reporting huge anomalies even with the latest hardened Omni sensors, Commander. Central Command has be nearly silent, but everyone know the top brass is up to something very significant. Stay tuned and be vigilant. The end game may be upon on us all soon...

Boo! v9.4 incoming...
[Sat 31 Oct 2020, 6:15 PM by Wotan] [2 Comments]

Get it HERE!

Your final supply drop is here Commander to augment your depleted forces and beleaguered armies with a cache of yet more new units and added resources! Complete your escalation experience with all new production, transport, and mobility options with a few added combat ready units thrown in for good measure.

This is easily one of our largest updates in the history of ESC development, and featured in this release are not only over 25+ all new units, but also a comprehensive re-balance of the game by many of the very best players in the TA community today. It has been a monumental task with seemingly endless debate, drama, and decision making throughout the process, but collectively we made real progress over the past few months to deliver the best version of ESC to date!

For those wondering about the upcoming revamp and expansion of T4, that effort is well underway and will ultimately land as a massive (literally!) expansion for ESC in our next release later this year. We’ll be sharing even more on this highly anticipated project here soon.

In the meantime, get your Metal and Energy together and prepare for the next round of TA:Escalation today!

Happy Halloween!

Talking TA and ESC...
[Tue 28 Jul 2020, 4:13 PM by Wotan] [0 Comments]

I recently had the pleasure of talking some TA and ESC development history with Muzzleflash - check it out over the TAU News Forums HERE!

TA:Escation Discord Server is fully up and running!
[Mon 18 May 2020, 6:00 PM by Wotan] [1 Comment]

With 200+ members already, we're growing fast. Join us for all the very latest on development toward the completion of the of over 250 all new units and our upcoming T4 expansion!

The New TA:ESC Unit Guide is now available!
[Thu 18 Jul 2019, 4:41 PM by Wotan] [3 Comments]

Huge congrats and thanks go out to FN202 and Dioxide who have both spent a great deal of time working on some awesome new sources for enhancing your ESC gaming experience!

Rather than spoil the surprise, I am placing the redirects here - check these out ASAP.

For those looking for any info on the vast cache of units available in ESC, goHERE! for the Guide.

For those looking to gain better understanding of tactics and unit use based on recent multiplayer games, go HERE! to access the TA Demo Archive.

ESC Players of the world UNITE!
[Thu 2 May 2019, 2:31 AM by Wotan] [56 Comments]

HERE! is your May Day update!

It has been far too long since the last update comrades, but much has changed during the winter interval. Now with the arrival of spring, the offensive will begin anew!

Per usual, you'll find the update log below, but if you don't bother to read changelogs, you'll want to be mindful of the following changes regardless!

Immolators and Bulwarks are now moved to T2, while Ambushers, Orions, Toasters, and Vipers can now be made directly at T1 (up to you to go straight for the full variant or upgrade 1/2 way there from HLTs, etc.)

T3 Labs, on average, take about 50% longer to make now.

[STRIKE]Fusion Energy bonuses and overall metal making are less efficient. [/STRIKE] (on hold til 9.1 to see how other changes pan out)

T2 Bombers are heavier and feature bigger bombs while losing AA (note: they are not stealth). Before you rant 'OMG OP!!!' you will need to prove to me that they are superior metal-to-metal to their T1 counterparts (I'll spot you the T2 lab costs). As a boon, T1 and T2 fighters have 20% less buildtime so scramble those fighters and protect your airspace!

The Recon and Blaze are now T2. They are lighter versions of their former roles but resized for a more dynamix mid-tier T2 balance. Here are the essentials:

-The Panther remains essentially unchanged

-The Blaze is a quasi-counter (speed, light armor) to the Panther but lacks AA

-The Manticore is healthier, but slower for more overall cost now

-The Recon is quasi-counter (range, toughness) but lacks AA and guidance

As a result of the above, you will not find sitting around for 30 minutes teching directly to T3 to be nearly as easy. However, when you do get to T3, you will be rewarded with:

-Centurions and Behemoths are less expensive

-Talos and Cerberus are cheaper as well

-Juggernauts and Demolishers have much improved LOS and overall health and firepower improvement

-All 'boss' T3 units have self healing and other minor balance improvements

On the flip side, a few essential nerfs and notable changes include:

-The Pounder can be effectively dgunned by non-upgraded Commanders and the Gorgon has less abusive LOS

-The Reaper weapon (due to Blaze relocation to T2) has been changed to a riot style shotgun that is almost identical to the former flame weapon.

-T2 transport have a deadlier explosion (for stacking) and will offscreen penalty if partially edged (to offset invulnerability issues)

-The Shooter features a heandy shield effect that absorbs 75% damage when hit - there a 5 second charge up time for the shield to work again.

Finally, all cons assist and repair based on their WT resulting in much faster work, but also much higher Energy costs. This change will likely be the most impactful (barring a stupid bug lol), so we need to be sure if this change is actually any good or not.

8.9 Already?
[Sun 14 Oct 2018, 11:21 PM by Wotan] [5 Comments]

Get it HERE!

That's right, after a relatively quick stint with the recent 8.8 release which featured our all new Hovers (mostly T3) and a full suite of floating airplants, it did not take long before a few issues surfaced. Rather than wait too long to address, we felt a balance focused release was in order...

First and foremost, The much maligned Arm Hailstorm and Core Pounder have been addressed (via DPS and speed nerf respectively).

Next, after considerable discussion and debate, T3 overall is a much more expensive proposition than previously (even accounting for the big increases in 8.8). T3 labs cost roughly 15-17k Metal now and significantly more Energy. In addition, T3 mobile units are most more costly in terms of Energy. You'll no longer be able to fast build powerful T3 units out the gate and will need to instead ramp up with lesser variants first (at least in theory). Given the huge uptick in Energy drain, you'll likely need to invest in a full T3 Economy to power your end game.

Lastly, not to be forgotten, amphibious tanks (and Gimps) now traverse underwater at full speed! This was a tricky addition with lots of scripting and mechanical tweaks, but the end result should prove seamless in game which is what matters here. Arm also features such much needed improvements via Maverick and Bulldog improvements and even the Penetrator and Zeus are slightly buffed so we're hoping for some fantastic battles and recordings soon!

There is much much more this release and our full log of changes is below.

Stay tuned next for another big unit update with 9.0 incoming in the months ahead, but in the meantime, enjoy and happy gaming with v8.9! :)

Pssst!!! 8.7 already!
[Fri 19 Jan 2018, 10:55 PM by Wotan] [193 Comments]

Get it HERE!

Seems we had a few nasty bugs to crash to get things to right with the lastest release. This time it was the Stratus crashing on weapon fire using the added pitchtolerance weapon tag - apparently that particular function has limitations - still learning something new after all these years. Kudos to all for quickly spotting the issue.

Aside from bug fixes (see below), we also added new functionality to the Arm Nova and Core Overlord. Both units now feature a choice between low trajectory and high trajectory fire! Low trajectory is default and switching the units 'on' will enable high trajectory fire for those pesky units hiding behind high mountains and cliffs. Both modes will auto-fire vs. enemies per normal, but you will need to use the 'D' (special) key to manually target enemies when in high trajectory (on) mode. This should help make these units viable in lots of situations so good luck.

Per usual the full log of changes is below.

Enjoy and hopefully no more updates - for a while ;)

8.6.....1 has arrived!
[Sat 13 Jan 2018, 5:18 PM by Wotan] [24 Comments]

Get it HERE! Oh, and they're baaaaaccccck! The infamous T3 Hover Cruisers have returned along with brand new T3 Hover labs to build them and some handy T3 construction hovers to boot! The dreaded Hard AI also makes a return along with improved AI performance compliments of TAfan97 who has done some great work the past few months :)

There are also quite a few tweaks in this release based on the all feedback, gameplay, and suggestions from 8.5, but the main adjustments are focused on improved T3 Vehicle play and adjustments to T3 economy in general. You can review all the changes in the post below. A quick note on why this version is 8.6.1 and not 8.6.0 - the first attempt had a small bug that needed immediate attention and was quickly corrected.

With the introduction of the new Hoverplants, we now have a platform for adding a complete tier of hover units at T3. This is a first in TA and it ties in to our main goal of a complete, overall T3 tier accross all unit types. In the next few releases, provided balance is mostly stable, we will be issuing additional, all new, hovercrafts including a powerful Hover Battleship! In the meantime, grab 8.6.1 and report your thoughts, feedback, and ideas here.

And as always, more to come!

8.5 (and dialing it back a bit)
[Sat 2 Sep 2017, 12:10 AM by Wotan] [6 Comments]

We've been burning the candle at both ends the past few months trying to get things ready for the big Anniversary Edition, but it seems that is no longer in the cards. There is simply too much to do in the time left and we just don't have the resources here like we used to.

The good news is that ESC 8.5 is the biggest and best version of ESC to date! The new units and format are a hit, and just as good, if not better, the balance is rock solid through late T3 (yes, the Empyreaan needs a little work, but at least it's good!). I also have to say the past few weeks have been very enjoyable just playing games again - I am actually winning games these days and maybe it is time to get on the 1v1 ladder :D

Going forward, we're going to focus on longer release cycles with no anticipated release dates. TRO and I have a lot of cool stuff in the pipeline and all that will eventually come. I'd like to keep the dialogue going here as much as possible , but I am finding Skype and GameRanger are as busy as ever in terms of people discussing new concepts and ideas. If you are out there, let us know and drop a post or a new thread here or on any other forum here at TAU.

So there it is. ESC v8.5 represents our 20th Anniversary Edition - a great foundation for the next series of releases to come.

If you have not already grabbed 8.5, you can get it HERE!

Enjoy and best to all :)

Big Updates Continue!
[Mon 31 Jul 2017, 7:47 PM by Wotan] [6 Comments]

Things are moving along in our quest to bring a huge update to TA by the end of September - just in time to celebrate 20 years of TA! It's not too late to get involved, just get online at TAU Forums or join in the gaming fun at Gameranger.

STAGE 1 Previews:


STAGE 2 Previews:


STAGE 3 Previews:

Coming Soon!

NON-HOTFIX Users Crashing?
[Sat 20 May 2017, 10:05 PM by Wotan] [0 Comments]

If you are seeing crashes when removing markers or drawlines, try this new taesc.ini file and post results.

ESC 8.2.0 has arrived...
[Sat 20 May 2017, 1:12 AM by Wotan] [38 Comments]

***NOTE: Please re-download as the version has been fixed with a few minor updates (note new file name with FIXED tag)***

Download it HERE!

Just a minor update to fix a few outstanding balance issues. Barring any issues there will be no updates for a while as TRO, Warlord, and I will be prepping for the upcoming big release!

Please report any issues and be sure to have fun! :)

8.1.9.A Exe Patch
[Mon 1 May 2017, 6:54 PM by Wotan] [5 Comments]

Download it HERE

This is NOT a full install and will only patch your ESC exe if (or after) you already downloaded 8.1.9.

If you have already downloaded 8.1.9, you do not need to download that again - just grab this patch and overwrite :)

There are no changes to units for, but please report any issues.

ESC 8.1.9 is finally ready...
[Sat 29 Apr 2017, 3:03 AM by Wotan] [30 Comments]

Get it HERE and report any bugs ASAP - this is a 'quiet' release for the next few days just in case we find a major bug or problem (and not a 10 pixel range issue). This was a long time coming for some of you, but hopefully worth the wait. Big thanks to Rampage, Venom, Exe, Randy, and Gnug_315 for insight and input during intensive testing over the past week. Thanks to the rest of the community for the excellent bug finds, suggested fixes, and everything else too. :)

With 819 out of the way barring any mishaps, TRO and I are going to be working full tilt on the upcoming BIG all new units build. Warlord has returned to help with his superior BP skills and we'll no doubt be working with many of you here on maps, features, and many other goodies. Lots to come, but enjoy some fun 819 gaming this weekend and beyond in the meantime!

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