What is TA:ESC?

TA:ESC is a Cavedog quality expansion to Total Annihilation featuring the following:
  • Rebalanced units so that each has a servicible and useful function at different (or all) stages of the game.
  • New units to fill in niche roles and 'gaps' as well as an expanded technology tier in the form of new Level 3 units.
  • New features, concepts, and animations that bring the venerable TA engine up to today's standards.
  • An online community of talented and dedicated players and developers that are continously improving all of the above.

Is TA:ESC available for download?

Yes. TA:ESC is currently in Beta development and can be found here. We expect an official release of TA:ESC to be completed soon. Before you download, however, you may want to continue reading to familiarize yourself with all of TA:ESC's features.

What are some of the new features included in TA:ESC?

There are too many features to list here, but here is a sampling of some the major updates:
New expanded menu and GUI along with improved unit models and texturing. Upgradable buildings.

Adjacency bonuses for Energy resources. Mass loading/unloading transports and multi-unit-air-transports.

Mass unit teleportation between galactic gates anywhere on the battlefield. Surfacable subs, complete with Nuclear warheads and none of the issues associated with past surfacing sub attempts.

Deflective shields that block all but the most powerful of weapons.

A complete Level 3 technology tier and beyond.

There is more to come and additional content will be updated as progress continues! Stay tuned!